What is Orienteering


Orienteering is a sport that challenges both the body and the mind. Participants will visit a series of control points marked on a detailed orienteering map, making it a great way to experience and enjoy nature. In order to promote orienteering, designed through joint efforts of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and Orienteering Association of Hong Kong (OAHK), the Country Parks Orienteering Courses are opened to the public.

All the Country Parks Orienteering maps and courses are designed by Orienteering Association of Hong Kong and are maintained by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. For more information, please visit OAHK website.

Start/ Finish pole with notice board Control post
Start/ Finish pole with notice board Control post

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Country Parks Orienteering Courses

1.    Ngau Liu Orienteering Course (Tai Lam Country Park)
2.    Lions Nature Education Centre Orienteering Course (Tsiu Hang Special Area, Sai Kung)
3.    Tai Mo Shan Orienteering Course(Tai Mo Shan Country Park)
4.    Aberdeen Orienteering Trail (Aberdeen Country Park)
5.    Quarry Bay Orienteering Trai (Tai Tam Country Park (Quarry Bay Extension))
6.    Pok Fu Lam Orienteering Trail (Pok Fu Lam Country Park)
7.    Wan Tsai Orienteering Trail (Sai Kung West Country Park (Wan Tsai Extension))

Orienteering format

There are two main orienteering formats: 
1.    Cross-country
Visit all controls according to the order marked on the map

2.    Score
Visit as many controls as possible within a set time (suggested time: 1—1.5 hours)

Both cross-country and score orienteering courses are available for each orienteering course. Participants could select an appropriate course based on interest and physical fitness. Maps are available for download online.

Orienteering map legend and symbol

Please visit OAHK website


1. Orienteering course map
Available on the webpage of each orienteering course for download and printing.
2. Compass (Self-provided, optional) 
3. Electronic control card (Only applicable for LNEC Orienteering Course
The card will record the number of controls visited and the relevant times.

Points to note

1.    To enjoy a safe and environmentally friendly excursion, please refer to the Code for Visiting Country Parks and Special Areas. Do not conduct orienteering activities at night.
2.    Take note of the latest weather information issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. Drink adequate amount of water in summer to avoid dehydration or heat stroke.
3.    Dress in light colors and wear shoes that cover entire foot. 
4.    Stay on footpaths when possible, and avoid going through restricted areas or impassable vegetation as marked on the map.
5.    Parents / guardians should take care of children and accompany them at all times.
6.    Do not pick or damage plants, do not disturb or catch animals.
7.    Respect others, maintain a tranquil environment.
8.    Protect the countryside and “Take Your Litter Home”.