Orienteering: Into the Country Park School Education Programme

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Lions Nature Education Centre Orienteering: into the Country Parks School Education Programme

In order to promote orienteering and to allow the public to learn more about country parks and nature conservation, Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department and Orienteering Association of Hong Kong jointly designed three Lions Nature Education Centre Orienteering Course for public use. Schools and organizations book in advance for participation on weekdays.

Participants will visit a series of control points marked on a map, and learn more about nature and the environment. Three routes of varying levels of difficuly are provided. Questions relating to nature conservation are also prepared as part of the experience for participants to learn more about nature and the environment. The suggested activity duration is 1.5 hours. For more information on orienteering, please click here.


Target participants:

Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools / Public organizations (Only for non-profit purposes)

*Suitable for the "Other Learning Experiences (OLE)", of the New Senior Secondary academic structure.

Date and time:

Weekdays (except Tuesdays and Public Holidays) at 10:30 – 12:00 / 14:30 – 16:00 (Person-in-charge should arrive at the Enquiry Counter 15 minutes before the session for registration and collection of materials)


The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Lions Nature Education Centre

(How to Get There)

Group size:
20 to 80 persons
*Children below the age of 6 should be accompanied by at least one adult.

Cantonese / English

Introductory video:

Introduction of LNEC Orienteering Course


Participants are encouraged to participate in small groups, each group will be given orienteering maps and one electronic control card. Control locations are marked by wooden pole or wooden box as show below:

Photo of Pole Photo of Pole

Meanwhile, participants could answer the questions relating to nature conservation. Participants may scan the QR codes with their smartphone to access the question, and record their answer on the answer sheet. Observe the area around the control, and you can find hints in the surrounding environment and facilities.


Photo of phone and QR code

Upon completion, participants should head to the Enquiry Counter to print the time record and return control cards. Participants may also retrieve answers to the multiple-choice questions from site staff. (Participants of the afternoon session should head to the Enquiry Counter before 16:00)

Programme materials
Map, answer sheet and electronic control card (Provided by Centre)
Smartphone (Recommended for access to multiple-choice questions; self-provided)
Compass (Optional; self-provided)

Programme details

Recommended participants Kindergarten Primary School Secondary students and above Open

Course Level






visit all controls in the order marked on the map



visit as many controls as possible within a set time(suggested time: 1 .5 hour)

Score - visit as many controls as possible within a set time (suggested time: 1 .5 hour)


0.6 km

0.8 km

1.1 km


No. of controls





Map preview (Provided by LNEC)

Map LNEC School Orienteering - Beginner

Map LNEC School Orienteering - Intermediate

Map LNEC School Orienteering - Advanced

Map LNEC School Orienteering - Open

Preview of answer sheet (Provided by LNEC)

Answer Sheet LNEC School Orienteering - Beginner

Answer Sheet LNEC School Orienteering - Intermediate

Answer Sheet LNEC School Orienteering - Advanced

Answer Sheet LNEC School Orienteering - Open

Suggested party size

2 kindergarten students with 1 adult

2–4 persons

2–4 persons

1–4 persons


How to apply



For enquiries, please contact AFCD Lions Nature Education Centre at 2792 2234 during office hours.

Application/ Reservation