With respect to the Kindergarten Education Scheme and the learning objectives of "Nature and Living" in the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017) reviewed by the Curriculum Development Council, Education Bureau (EDB) has collaborated with Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to capitalise on part of the outdoor facilities at the AFCD Lions Nature Education Centre. Children may seize this opportunity to conduct diversified learning activities and interesting experiments in a larger space, and freely explore nature with multiple senses which help nurture and develop their curiosity and exploratory spirit. The newly developed Learning Activity Resource Package - <Countryside Adventure> aims at fostering positive attitude to kindergarteners in caring nature beyond the confines of classrooms; and understanding the close relationship between the nature and the human life. Kindergartens are welcome to reserve the Countryside Adventure's outdoor facilities for educational use. Details are as follows:

Schedule for Countryside Adventure

Date: Mondays – Fridays* (except public holidays)
Booking session : 10am to 12nn; 2pm to 4pm
(*Notes: All Indoor Exhibition Halls are closed on Tuesdays, only the Outdoor Facilities of Countryside Adventure are open for reservation.)

Locations of Outdoor Facilities

Lions Nature Education Centre

A. Field Crops

B. Arboretum Area


Details of Programme

Kindergartens may reserve the above two designated outdoor areas to conduct free exploration activities of the Countryside Adventure Programme. Two different self-guided activities for each activity zone with an enrolment capacity of 15-30 students is suggested. Groups of 6-8 students shall be formed for each individual activity which lasts for 30-45 minutes. Schools are welcome to request free copies of the Children Activity Booklet and borrow teaching aids / materials, e.g. farming tools, watering tools, net building tools, magnifying glasses, A4-sized clip boards and cross section of tree trunks. For further details, please refer to the Teacher's Guide.


Please submit "Application Form of Countryside Adventure" no earlier than 6 months but at least 2 weeks before the date of the activity. Late submission will be not entertained. Limited quotas will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Only kindergartens are allowed to reserve the above facilities and borrow the teaching aids / materials.


Please contact AFCD Lions Nature Education Centre on Monday to Sunday & Public holidays: 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m (except the first two days of the Chinese New Year)  at 2792 2234.


The Learning Activity Resource Package

Teacher's Guide (Download) Children Activity Booklet* (Download) Parent Leaflet (Download)
Teacher Guide Student Handbook Parent Leaflet

Information of Crops in LNEC

LNEC crops  LNEC crops  LNEC crops  LNEC crops  LNEC crops

Notes to Participants

  1. Please submit the application form to AFCD Lions Nature Education Centre by fax or email.
  2. Applications form should be submitted no earlier than 6 months but at least 2 weeks before the date of the activity.
  3. Application submission by fax or email is accepted, however reservation by telephone is not allowed. Limited quotas will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis according to the date and time indicated on the fax form.
  4. Only applications from kindergartens are accepted. The programme is a self-guided tour activity. Enrolment capacity of 15-30 students is suggested and group of 6-8 students shall be divided for each activity which lasts for 30-45 minutes (a maxiumum of 4 activities). Please refer to this website (home) and the Teacher’s Guide for details.
  5. Please provide adequate, correct and clear information. Incomplete application will not be processed.
  6. Staff from AFCD Lions Nature Education Centre will provide a 5-minute introduction to the activities. All education activities are generally conducted in Cantonese. Please specify in the application form if an English-speaking interpreter is required.
  7. Schools need to consider the nature of activities, the extent of areas and geographical environment concerned, as well as children’s ability, age and safety, etc. for making appropriate manpower arrangement. Schools should arrange a teacher or a staff member in each group to supervise the participants and maintain order of the group.
  8. Each group shall arrange transportation to and leave the Centre.
  9. Successful application will be notified by fax or email.
  10. Applicants can get free copies of Children Activity Booklets and borrow teaching aids / materials, e.g. farming tools, watering tools, net building tools, magnifying glasses, A4-sized clip boards and cross section of tree trunks. The teaching aids / materials should be returned to the centre after the activities are completed.
  11. Please treasure educational resources. If you decide to cancel the booking, please notify the Centre at your earliest convenience.

Points to note

  1. To enjoy a safe and environmentally friendly excursion, teachers are advised to refer to the Guidelines listed in the below link and give a briefing to students to arouse their awareness on hiking safety and conservation before conducting outdoor activities in country parks.
  2. Teachers should take note of the latest weather information issued by the Hong Kong Observatory through radio or television before and during the activity. For details, please refer to the latest EDB Circular on "Tropical Cyclones and Heavy Persistent Rain Arrangements for Kindergartens and Day Schools". When bad weather is expected, schools should decide whether to change programme or cancel the activity at the earliest possible time.
  3. All outdoor activities will be cancelled without prior notice when the Forecast of Health Risk of the Air Quality Health Index is Serious (AQHI Scale 10+) for General Stations.
  4. During outdoor activities, teachers should pay attention to / remind children on the following points:
    • Teachers should give full attention to the safety of children while ensuring that children stay in the designated areas for activities and not to leave without permission. If children need to go to toilet, they must inform their teachers and be accompanied by an adult.
    • Remind parents in advance that children must put on long-sleeved shirts and pants that are light in colour, as well as shoes that cover entire foot, and bring along suitable caps.
    • Remind children to drink adequate amount of water in summer to avoid dehydration or heat stroke.
    • Apply insect repellent on clothes and the exposed parts of the body to avoid mosquito bites.
    • Make sure that there are members with first-aid knowledge in the group.
    • Stay on footpaths and avoid walking through vegetation.
    • Avoid resting on vegetation, or at humid and dark places.
    • Keep quiet, do not shout or run.
    • Take care of children, do not climb over fences.
    • Do not pick or damage plants, do not disturb or catch animals.
    • Do not touch the wild animals, bird feathers or their droppings. Wash hands right after the activities.
    • Protect countryside, support waste reduction.

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