Country Parks Volunteer Scheme


Enrolment Procedures

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The application for 2024 is expired. The details of next enrollment will be announced on this website in January 2025.

Successful applicant will receive our invitation email on 24th May 2024 for details of the briefing session.  If you fail to present the relevant email, you will be unable to attend the briefing.

Training and Assessment for Trainees

The Volunteer Orientation Class will be held at Fung Tak Estate Community Centre on 2nd June (Sun) and 6th June 2024 (Thu).  The date and time of the two identical classes are as follows:-  

2nd Jun 2024 (Sunday) 09:30 - 11:30 
6th Jun 2024 (Thursday) 19:00 - 21:00

Location of Fung Tak Estate Community Centre, please click here.

Six identical sessions of training and assessments for trainees will be arranged later.  The date, time and venue are as follows:- 

28th July 2024

Lions Nature Education Centre

Please click here for transport information.

10:00 - 12:30 
13:30 - 16:00
25th August 2024

Lions Nature Education Centre

Please click here for transport information.

10:00 - 12:30 
13:30 - 16:00
29th September 2024

Woodside Biodiversity Education Centre

Please click here for transport information.

10:00 - 12:30 
13:30 - 16:00


At the Volunteer Orientation Class, you are required to enroll one of the above training and assessment sessions.

20-hour Volunteer Experience

Participants must complete 20-hour volunteer services by designated deadline to obtain practical experience on different types of services before being qualified as Country Parks volunteers.

Volunteer Services

  1. Country Parks Hiking Patrol Team
    After completing relevant trainings, volunteers will be equipped with the knowledge on hiking and patrolling in the country parks. Hiking Patrol Team will conduct patrol in various hiking trails in the country parks, and assist in cleaning the country parks facilities and checking their conditions.
  2. Country Parks Education Workshop Team
    Volunteers will run various kinds of education workshops in Country Park Visitor Centres to promote nature conservation after completing relevant training course. They will organise workshops on a wide variety of topics including insects and nature, tree conservation and wildlife appreciation.
  3. Country Parks Interpreters
    To become a Country Parks Interpreter, volunteer shall complete the training for interpreters and pass the assessment. Being a Country Parks Interpreter, you will be able to share your ecological knowledge with others and deliver nature conservation message to the public.
  4. Country Parks Conservation, Education and Publicity Programmes
    Volunteers in each team are provided with opportunities to support Country Parks consevation activities such as cleaning, removal of exotic plants, planting trees, weeding, fertilizing as well as various education and publicity programmes to be held from time to time.


To recognise the dedication to volunteerism, the following awards will be presented to volunteers annually according to their total service hours.


Gold badge: for annual service hours reaching 200 hours
Silver badge: for annual service hours reaching 100 hours
Bronze badge: for annual service hours reaching 50 hours

Service Time

Generally on Sundays and public holidays from 0930 to 1630. Volunteers can choose a half-day or full-day service according to their availability.

Points to Note

  1. Participants must be able to read Chinese and communicate in Cantonese.
  2. Participants shall be Hong Kong residents.
  3. Enrolment is open for the public aged 16 or above. Participants under 18 are required to submit the "Parent/Guardian Consent Form". Please return the completed form to us according to the instructions set out in the form.
  4. The information provided by participants shall be true and correct.
  5. Volunteer Service Unit will only communicate with volunteers via intranet and email. Volunteers must have and be able to use a computer with software which can open the documents in PDF, Word and Excel format.
  6. Volunteers and trainees should read the "Guidelines and Code of Practice for Volunteers".(Click here (Chinese only) to download)
  7. Volunteers should wear uniform and bring volunteer ID card when providing services.
  8. Volunteers should provide 20-hour services in each calendar year.
  9. No remuneration, transportation allowance and insurance will be provided for volunteer services.
  10. Country Parks volunteer services are provided on voluntary basis. Volunteers must be responsible for their own safety and take into account their physical fitness and interests before participating in the services.
  11. Due to limited resources, we have no plan to organize one day volunteer activity for individual or groups/organisations.

Personal Data Collection Statement

The personal information is provided by the participant voluntarily for relevant activities organized by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). The information will be provided to relevant staff for application processing, contact and other relevant purposes. Provided that there are no specific administrative reasons, only the name and the related activities of the participant will be kept for record purposes. Except with the consent of participant, all the personal information collected will be destroyed within 6 months after the participant withdrawn from the volunteer scheme. For enquiries or amendment to the information provided, please send us a written request.


The Country Parks Volunteer Scheme is co-organised by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and Friends of the Country Parks to arouse public awareness on protecting Hong Kong country parks through participating in management, education and conservation work of the country parks.  It also offers valuable opportunities for nature lovers to serve the society.

All successful candidates of the “Country Parks Volunteer Scheme” will be invited to attend a “Volunteer Orientation Class” and a “Basic Training for Volunteer Trainees”.  After completion of the orientation class, training and passing the assessment, trainees shall enroll 20-hour volunteer services to obtain practical experience on different types of services. Afterwards, the participant is qualified as a Country Parks Volunteer.

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